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Tendon Protocol-advanced Rotator surgery cuff recover keys

It is very important documents related to protocol strengthening tendon post surgery recovery rate. You can overstate the need for the Protocol for the repair of tendon. So exactly what tendon surgery repair tendons Protocol and can... expect through ?.

Is the plan of action to aid recovery protocols in their simplest form. Can to cover the repair procedures with most people but this typical example is pretty.

Strengthen tendons protocol ?

1 Week 1 day after
ExercisesChange dressing than are available in Sling. Clean portal or incision and the dryer.

Therapeutic exercise:
Slide your cane to help the opposite arm and external rotation, flexion of the scope of an active rear shoulder or scapula squeezesCervical range motionHand squeezesTable motionElbow flexionSupine abduction (scapular plane) pendulum exercisesSupine ER kidnapped 45 degrees.

II joint mobs a104 shoulder armor piercing brachial part after the grade under the direction of. Tolerance range of passive movement of patients – of all paying special attention to internal rotation. Scapular resistance exercises manual (MRE) scapula salient to resist lateral sides (opposite) and undo the first three days, every two hours, and then depressionIce one day after 3-4 times

Important notes
Use shoulderNo to put behind the ShoulderNo weight

1-2 Weeks

7-10 Reduce the sutures in post-op, pain and inflammationRemove. Range of patient permission area wetProtect repair motionMaintain ROM with distal and near-jointsStay Sling strength and win to move to get around. When you just sit the patient and practice.

Exercise therapy
Continue the practice in one week of elbow flexion, external rotation, internal rotation, and extension is just around the aboveGentle maximum isometrics as

Range of motion in the acceptable range of patients in all directions. Patient abducted 90 ° rhythmic stabilization of balance point in one of the external rotationGentle maximum isometrics weekGentle (100 degrees flexion, abduction 10-degree horizontal) in neutral rotation of arm-side 2 weeksContinue scapular MRE ' sPrecautions in the game!.

Continuing the above considerations.

3-4 Weeks

Heal's dynamic stability to regain overrated tissueFull passive ROM by end of week 4 Start

Exercise therapy
Cane extensionTheraband internal rotation of the opposite arm assistStanding, external rotation, and scale to continue the aboveSide these external rotationBlackburns 1 (horizontal abduction tend to neutral) and 5 (extension of external rotation-prone) supine position active auxiliary cane flexionFlexion wall crawling

AboveFull range of passive motion 3-4 continue posting the same weekly opMRE IR ER extension

Week 5-6

Discharge the sling at the discretion of the doctor.

Exercise therapy
In elbow bent cane bending of these aboveStanding (start) of please proceed to the range of motion for active. In a wide range of active motion weeks 6 Flexion wall crawling and other internal rotation armHorizontal in rolling stretch week 6 Towel stretching from contexual 6 weeks in


Continuation of the above.

Week 6-12

Exercise therapy
Band color, personnel and setsTheraband IR and ER 90 degrees abduction 8 weeksFull progress situation 8 weeksBlackburn 3 (horizontal abduction external rotation-prone) additional weight to external rotation and the Blackburn 5.

Continue aboveRhythmic stabilization of run as multiple body position and movement range.

Week 12-18

Exercise therapy

Progress in all of the above exercises

Of course, stretching of the tendon is emphasis, note exercise. Above, step by step detailed, I think only protocol with rotator cuff how important highlight detail. I attend to discover more and great practice for description.

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