Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rotator cuff surgery-recovery, rehabilitation and enhancement

Tendon surgery recovery easy to fix that. Need time to heal you, and this can typically take tendon tears after about six months.

After the surgery, a basic sequence of events. Please no different is fast or slow progress situation may be, it does not matter, only is an important point of progress.

Order to tighten the tendon tendon tears rehabilitation program to follow, and follow the advice and follow-up.

Immediately after surgery

Will immediately spend recovery time after surgery. First recovery in an hour or two is little more than is much longer.

It is more necessary and hospital stay, many rare turned; ejects most people are on the same day. To fully control your pain in General, there will be only to the hospital.

Your arm is placed in the sling. In General, this is from a little arm Sling keeps on this. Most known as abduction Sling, this tears after surgery are used.

Between the first few days after surgery

Surgery is dedicated to start controlling your pain after the first few days. Various pain easing drugs anti-inflammatory medication is prescribed. Pain and anti-inflammatory drugs to alternating may suggest. This worked for me definitely.

One of the most important yet most overlooked remedy even the most natural-ice. Ice frequently used in the treatment of shoulder, the pain relief to help reduce the inflammation.

Passive movement

Only the first six weeks of rehabilitation usually passive motion exercises is composed. To go without this restoration to put pressure on the shoulder. Such as isometric exercise without the actual movement or contraction muscle behavior used to be.

Moves your shoulders to your therapist and doctor and friends. You'll even range of exercises you can move your own shoulder as you please.

Active movement

Start the active once enough tendon healing. Most important is that resistance has not been applied at this stage, it is. Do something more than it can move their arms in other words, you can.

This stage in the recovery of your critical and may last for 12 weeks. Like enhanced period of success actions taken here dependency is. Only with proper rehabilitation safely too soon also pushed hard not in can be achieved, please.


Tendon surgery recovery consolidation period and completed this stage of recovery is important. Weak for the early stages of the initial injury, surgery and recovery of muscle, tendons. It is important to build them.

Eventually, the recovery are pain and swelling, regain muscle is the former strength is achieved only once. You don't have to lift heavy weights. Rehabilitation use resistance bands and small weights program all that is required.

Repeat each exercise should be many times or repeated-personnel, usually 8-12, 3 repeat times. Makes two key benefits process; stiffness to reduce and prevent the formation of scar tissue. Both the tendon surgery recovery is essential to ensure as far as quick and painless as possible.

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