Saturday, May 21, 2011

Runner's knee: patellofemoral pain syndrome

If you have been for years and years active runners and players certainly feel pain of muscles, calves and feet all sorts of your hamstrings, quadriceps, four. Many times, even miles 1, pain and more to only tension and have come to perform slight pain you can take.

If you start to feel around the kneecap pain, consistent, however, more typical pain can come from just the experience something a little more serious. Feel symptoms patellofemoral pain syndrome, or PFPS, usually of older players and often sports who jump to affect General knee disorders.

Patellofemoral pain retropatellar pain, peripatellar pain, and is sometimes called front knee pain. Commonly called runner's knee.


Bend your knees and you like running upright and the slots, femur slides along your patella - Chondromalacia patellae-. This slot is called trochlear Groove. To provide functionality to jump your knee is running successfully, patella, in the trochlear groove of many moves, left and right to move and rotate of kinetic friction without performs.

However, the tissues along to repeatedly rub the surface of the femur, Chondromalacia patellae patellofemoral joint stress and PFPS occurs. This will lead to pain, arthritis, bone scars sometimes debilitating. In some cases, PFPS, weakening of the articular cartilage and swollen and may may occur within the joint.

What lead to PFPS?

There is no universal cause of PFPS. It is the amount of genetic factors and stress on knee over time depends on. Some of the main factors can lead to PFPS under is.
Excess. Over time and bending orthodontic PFPS, especially between the runners or more older players still active. Always bend the knees, increases the stimulation of the kneecap and the patella, femur while pressure points.
Deployment. Angle between your hip and knee, Q angle can PFPS factors. Those studies showed greater than usually Q angle to PFPS susceptible to the patella, to track outside. Mature female athletes, and widen the pelvis, PFPS development increases the risk, to angle Q.
Muscle weakness or nervousness. Tight muscles and tendons are strength, femoral head four muscle imbalance that affects patella tracking. Flexibility is essential to the movement of the knee and hip joints.
Flat feet. More likely receive PFPS from you if you have a little Arch on your feet. Atypical femoral joint pressure to deploy, run, and tibia compensates for your feet.

Both the long-term adjustment of your physical activity may have PFPS surgical and non surgical treatment is. Treatment and recovery describes plastic surgery you can still enjoy the things you love.

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